The Gods

The Gods

Goddess of Life

We are Persephone. We are the essence of life. You have seen Us in the sweet virgin, the gentle mother, and the wise crone. Love Us, and we shall requite thy love a hundred-fold.” – Persephone, The Gods Themselves (Intermission)

Persephone is the goddess of life. She rules over the luscious green lands of Elysium. Her ideals for her followers, the Faithful, are wisdom and justice. Her wizards are called Mystics. Her spellbook relies mostly on healing spells and creatures that regenerate fast.



-Superior healing and sustainability

-Lock-down wizard assassination

-Benefits immensely from converting souls

-Entire kit is excellent for sustainable support in team matches

-Can fight with little mana relative to other Gods

-Tends to be underestimated in PvP matches which can be exploited for unexpected victories against foes

-Can interrupt wizards casting higher-level spells

-Reasonably good ‘running’ God in PvP matches



-High level of competence required to play and win (but is, arguably, the most rewarding God to play)

-Needs additional souls to become meaningfully effective (converting them tends to be difficult for this God)

-Vulnerable to well-executed manalith raids

-Difficult to level up

-Lacks damaging spells

God of Earth

I am James, God of Earth. You know, rocks and soil and stuff. Some nice gems too. Oh, it’s not all brown and grey you know. Just… mostly.” — James, The Gods Themselves (Intermission)

James is the god of earth. He rules the deserts of the Glebe. His ideals for his followers, the Yeomen, are those of peace. His wizards are called Geomancers. His spellbook relies mostly on slow, but durable creatures, while spells focus on personal protection and manipulating the battlefield.



-Unparalleled, tanky units

-Able to tenaciously hold and acquire key manalith ‘power positions’

-‘Stalemate’ manalith-obliterator and excellent manalith-raiding ability

-In many circumstances, converting souls benefit this God’s ‘steam-rolling’ power more than leveling up (this can also be a weakness in particular situations)

-Can reliably interrupt wizards casting higher-level spells

-Excellent ‘running’ God in PvP matches

-Lower skill level required to operate in PvP



-Slow units

-Can be overwhelmed by swiftly executed tactics and speedy units

God of Air

I am Stratos. God of Air and Supreme Lord of the Heavens. Bringer of Storms. Mover of the firmament. Ah, lets do be honest, shall we, in any halfway-civilized world, I would be the only god.” — Stratos, The Gods Themselves (Intermission)

Stratos is the god of air. He rules the cold mountains of Empyrea. He values knowledge and cunningness. His followers are called Servants and his wizards are called Elementalists. His spellbook relies mostly on fast yet fragile creatures and powerful, low cooldown spells.

Stratos is highly intelligent and civilized. He believes himself to be better than the rest of the gods and wishes to rule the world alone.



-Second-to-none unit mobility

-High-damaging, low-cooldown burst spells

-Able to exterminate entire armies with properly timed unit attacks and spells

-Natural aptitude for map control via rapidly acquiring and destroying manalith ‘power positions’

-Many popular maps played in multiplayer favor this God’s entire kit (high potential for risky yet rewarding plays)

-Levels up considerably fast

-Able to readily recover from significant mistakes

-Can reliably interrupt wizards casting higher-level spells

-Arguably the best ‘running’ God in PvP matches

-Lower skill level required to operate in PvP

-Targeted wizard assassination



-High skill level to execute multiple manalith raids without suffering a decrease in power, setbacks, wasting time, and potential losses

-Fragile units

-Can be overwhelmed in direct combative confrontations by competent foes

-Effectiveness wanes when foes acquire more souls

-Players who play this God in PvP tend to underestimate all foes and overestimate this God’s power and abilities: this may lead to unnecessary losses


God of Fire

I am Pyro. God of Fire. They will tell you I am God of Destruction and Chaos, but that’s not really true. I am the spark of imagination and the engine of industry. I am the bringer of knowledge and the bearer of light.” – Pyro, The Gods Themselves (Intermission)

Pyro is the god of fire. He controls the fiery islands of Pyroborea. Ideals for his servants, the Proles, are ingenuity and obedience. His wizards are called Sorcerers. His spellbook relies mostly on highly damaging yet fragile creatures and spells which deal large amounts of area-of-effect damage. Both creatures and spells often set their targets alight, doing damage over time.



-Synergistically-high, annihilating, burst damage output via competently-performed spells and unit attacks

-Well-executed tactics overwhelm enemies often and have a high-chance of completely decimating them

-Able to decrease enemy mana

-Tends to be underestimated in PvP matches which can be exploited for unexpected victories against foes

-Can reliably interrupt wizards casting higher-level spells



-High skill level required to beat all the other Gods in PvP (rewarding to play)

-Fragile units that are vulnerable to AoE unit attacks and AoE spells

-Difficult to recover in battles without retreating and rebuilding

-Often times, needs to guard a manalith and fight near it to gain an advantage (oliberate foe(s) and convert their souls)

-Vulnerable to manalith raids

-Suffers if cornered on the map

God of Death

I am Charnel, God of Strife. God of Slaughter, God of … DEATH! Where there is pain, I am there. Where there is suffering, I flourish. Where there is joy… yes, well, one could hardly have joy without another’s suffering, no?” – Charnel, The Gods Themselves (Intermission)

Charnel is the god of death. He rules over the desolate meat-islands of Stygia. His ideals for his Minions are malice and willingness to commit slaughter. His wizards are called Necromancers. His spellbook relies mostly on life stealing creatures with no natural regeneration.



-High sustainability via life-stealing unit attacks

-Levels up phenomenally fast and his power can ‘snowball’ over time

-Able to revive dead units constantly with little mana investment

-Able to decrease and stop mana flow

-Benefits incredibly well from converting souls

-Low skill level required to operate in PvP

-Reasonably good manalith-raiding ability

-Lock-down wizard assassination



-Vulnerable to manalith raids

-Fragile units

-Cannot easily interrupt wizards casting spells