Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I get a working copy of Sacrifice?

Buy the most compatible version of Sacrifice on GOG. The error-prone version is found on Steam.

How do I play multiplayer?

The official Sacrifice server was shutdown years ago. We play together using a VPN named Zerotier and via Sacrifice multiplayer > TC/IP.

Zero Tier creates a virtual LAN that allows you to play with other players via Multiplayer > TC/IP > clicking join after setting it up, and it’s a better alternative for the common Hamachi. It allows 100 players per network and minimizes lag especially for players that live a great distance apart. You need Windows 7 or higher for ZeroTier to work. I recommend you get Windows 7 if you only have Windows XP. An original Windows 7 Disk costs a few bucks on Ebay.

1) Download and install ZeroTier from here

2) Right click ZeroTier icon in the lower right hand corner in your windows desktop, “Join network” > 6ab565387ab194c6

3) Under select “join network”, check all 3 boxes before proceeding.

4) Go to “show networks” and your IP address will be shown to host games. Use the numbers before the /24. For example,, use only for more than one hosted game.

5) Add a firewall exception to windows and antivirus. If you have trouble joining a game, disable these firewalls. I disabled the windows firewall because it is bugged when adding the exception. I re-enable it when I am done playing. I am a commoner, I’m not worried about somebody hacking me xD!

6) Open Sacrifice, click multiplayer, click on TC/IP and hit join (without entering the IP if there’s only a single game hosted).

*Please make sure you at least have NET Framework 4.5.2 installed.

Linux instructions for setting up Zerotier:
pacman -S zerotier-one winetricks
winetricks directplay
systemctl start zerotier-one (may be optional) Ubuntu apt-get
sudo zerotier-cli join 6ab565387ab194c6
sudo zerotier-cli listnetworks (to share your ip to host games e.g.

(Replace pacman with your own distro’s package manager)

How can I play the new Sacrifice Engine (Sacrifice Reborn)?

Please speak with @tg in our Discord Channel @tg uploaded the source code on Github.

How can I help develop the new Sacrifice Engine (Sacrifice Reborn)?

Please speak with @tg in our Discord Channel @tg uploaded the source code on Github.

What are the most active Sacrifice Youtube and Twitch channels?

Sacrifice Battlegrounds (Aztecas): Twitch, Youtube

Sacrifice Library: Youtube

Tg’s SacEngine Progress: Youtube

Eberabio: Youtube

Archangel: Twitch

How do I make Sacrifice run well on Windows with true 32-bit detail & full resolution widescreen?

If you have windows 7, 8 and 10, you will need to install directx9 if you haven’t already done so:

These are the fixes:

For Nvidia Graphics Cards + Windows 7:

Download the Nvidia Inspector from here along with instructions. It is an older version that still supports the “PRE_D3D9_COMPATIBILITY_BITS”

1) Open Nvidia Inspector and under the driver version select profile settings (located in the middle of the program).

2) Then have the “_GLOBAL_DRIVER_PROFILE (Base Profile)” selected or you can make another one specialized for Sacrifice (located at the top of the window you opened). Then click “add application current profile” and add the original sacrifice.exe.

3) Click “Scan Nvidia Predefined Profiles…” (located to the upper right hand side of the window)
Please Note: If you can’t do this then you must first click “Create a desktop shortcut to run profile settings” (located to the upper right hand side of the window) and run the newly created shortcut then scan “Scan Nvidia Predefined Profiles…”

4) After you finish scanning, scroll down to the Unknown Section and look for the Setting ID “PRE_D3D9_COMPATIBILITY_BITS” and set the Value to “0x00000040 (King’s Bounty, X2: Wolverine’s Revenge, Independence War 2 – Edge of Chaos, Falcon 4.0 Allied Force, MS Flight Simulator X, Links 2003, Gothic 2, Gothic 1)”

5) Hit apply settings (located to the upper right hand side of the window) and run Sacrifice.

6) Pair this fix with the sacrifice wide screen fix for the higher resolutions and true 32-bit (higher graphic detail).


For Intel, Nvidia, Radeon Graphics Cards + Windows 7, 8, and 10:

1) Download dgVoodoo above.

2) Extract the 3 files “D3D8.dll” “D3DImm.dll” “DDraw.dll” from the “MS” folder and the “dgVoodooCpl.exe” into your sacrifice directory: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Sacrifice

3) Run the “dgVoodooCpl.exe”. Click “add” next to “Config folder/Running instance” then choose the sacrifice directory above.

4) For the “general” tab, choose the “adapter(s) to use/enable” as your Nvidia graphics card, or whichever one you have. Leave other settings as default.

5) Under the “glide” tab, “3Dfx card” choose “other greater (free to configure” and for onboard ram choose at least “64mb”.

6) Under the “direct x” tab, “videocard” choose “dgVoodoo Virtual 3D Accelerated Card”. Put “VRAM” at least “64mb”.

7) Untick “force vSync”, untick “dgVoodoo Watermark”.

8) When done click apply, and test the changes.

9) This wrapper also fixes Scapex crash related to intel graphics.

10) You can force 1920×1080, or other resolution as well under DirectX/Glide if the one your want does not appear in the Sacrifice Options.


Other Considerations:

If your game crashes after choosing the character in multiplayer follow these steps:
1. Right click Start
2. Click “Control Panel” > “Programs and Features”
3. Click “Turn Windows features on or off”
4. Make sure there is a check in Legacy Components
5. Click the + to expand
6. Check the box for DirectPlay

If game crashes after loading a map, you are possibly using intel graphics card. To fix it you can use solution from the beginning or just run Sacrifice, go to options and disable “Use Bump Detail Maps” option.


For higher refresh rate monitors (e.g. 144 hz) you can go to the General tab under dgVoodoo settings (assuming you’ve applied dgVoodoo fix above in this channel) and tick “enumerate refresh rates”.

Go to the DirectX tab, under resolution type in or select either (without quotes):
‘unforced, 60Hz’ or ‘1920×1080, 60Hz’.

This will make the game have a steady 60 FPS (anything higher than 60 FPS causes Sacrifice to run suboptimally: extra damage from creatures, AI behave strangely, etc).


Other Fixes:

If game crashes on start try the following:
-try taking out the following files from the Sacrifice directory “D3D8, D3Dl, D3D9.dll”. Then try again.
-Go to Control Panel > System and Security > System > Advanced Tab > Performance > Settings > Advanced tab > Virtual Memory > Change > check “Automatically manage paging file size for all drives “
-Right click on the game icon, set compatibility mode to “Windows XP (Service Pack 3), and tick “run in 640×480 screen resolution. After running the game you can change the resolution in the Sacrifice options. Also download  the “widescreen fix” from 🙂


Nvidia: If you have FPS issues, enable “Adaptive” under “VSync” in the Nvidia Control Panel “Manage 3D settings”. Then enable Vsync under DirectX in Voodoo. This should lock your FPS to 60.

If fps greater than 60, enable Vsync and set refresh rate of monitor to 60hz. Otherwise under vsync, use “adaptive” in nvidia control panel and use voodoo with vsync enabled under Directx tab.

If game is freezing, on startup select “Direct3D HAL” instead of “Direct3D T&L HAL”.

If game is crashing on campaign missions, empty out the “cache” folder in the Sacrifice directory.


Crashing immediately on start up?
To do this, follow these steps:
1) Right click Computer on your desktop  (or in start menu if the icon is present there) and click Properties
2) Click Advanced system settings
3) Open Advanced tab and select Settings in Performance section
4) Open tab Data Execution Prevention
5) Change DEP setting to the first option – Turn on DEP for essential Windows programs and services only
6) Confirm with OK


Please go to the game installation folder:

Find Sacrifice’s executable, right-click on it, and select Properties. In Properties window switch to Compatibility tab, and here enable “Disable full screen optimization”. Press Ok to apply settings, and try to run the game again.

*Also try running the game in compatibility mode by finding Sacrifice’s executable, right-click on it, and select Properties. In Properties window switch to Compatibility tab, and try running it in Windows 95, 98 or Windows XP etc.


For Windows 7 (not tested in Windows 10)
If Scapex is not working right for you, having the Menu Bar not responding after loading a map or having mirror images of the map when you try to drag the window, you may want to move the “D3D8.dll” “D3DImm.dll” “DDraw.dll” files you used for the DgVoodoo2 fix away until you are finished editing or making a map.


Should you find the Details on your Character Texture to be sh*t, you can change this value in the Windows Registry to a higher number (or just 12).


—-Crashes or bugs on specific maps or missions—
Should the game crash consistently during loading (or unloading) or behave irrationally (portals on the Ethereal Realm campaing do not teleport you to your next mission) then usually lowering the resolution fixes it.


–Not graphic related but still a fix—
Changing the folder name of Sac fucks with the registry and makes copies somewhere. What you do is you take original registry location before making changes to the game folder location, use the export registry option and save it somewhere, do the game folder change, boot up Sacrifice, quit, then import the backup you made on the registry.

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Shiny Entertainment\Sacrifice\Options



If you have trouble opening scapex in Windows, change the desktop bit rate from 32 to 16 bit. After you’re done using scapex, change it back to 32 bit. You can also use the Voodoo fix as described at the very top.


——–How to make your own custom soundtrack for Sacrifice——–
Use Audacity to change an audio file’s bitrate (.WAV or another MP3) to 128 kb/sec
Make sure it has the same name for the file you are replacing, and have a backup of the original music just in case.
‘Export audio’ not ‘export as’
Bit rate mode: Constant
Quality: 128 kbps
Channel mode: Joint Stereo

You should also clear ALL tags on the song itself for it to read it. Apparently the game reads those and makes it overflow with useless info that makes it impossible to read.


As a reminder, if your streaming of Sacrifice doesnt look well for some reason, remember that the Menu Resolution also affects streaming the actual gameplay.
Download the Menu Resolutions Executables below and replace them in your folder.


How do I make Sacrifice run well on Linux with true 32-bit detail & full resolution widescreen?

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What are the links to Sacrifice-related social media?

Where do I get the latest map pack and scenarios?

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How do I successfully stream Sacrifice with OBS?

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I'm too lazy to beat the game and need the saved game files... Help me out please?!

We highly recommend beating the campaign because of its lore, fantastic voice acting, and essential skills and knowledge to prepare you for multiplayer. But, if you insist: they can be downloaded here.

Where can I get the best Hot Keys for optimal performance?

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Where can I read more about Sacrifice, including specific details and stats regarding spells and creatures?

Do I need to install any additional, official patches to update Sacrifice to the latest version?

If you bought Sacrifice on GOG (Good Old Games) or Steam, there are no additional, official patches.

How do I get the Sacrifice altar skulls instead of the default swirling energies?

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Why doesn't the website have a forum?

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