Distinct RTS

Distinct RTS

So, what makes Sacrifice different from other real-time strategy (RTS) games?

  • No excessive time is wasted gathering resources; it’s as simple as two things: manaliths for mana and souls for creatures. This means you focus virtually all your precious time and efforts on strategy.  It is called Real-Time Strategy for a reason, no?

  • Steadily flowing mana from manaliths manifests into continuous, tactical destructive spells and creatures; h*ll yes!

  • You are the General in charge of unit production (no barracks here)! As long as you stay sharp and recover the souls from your fallen units, you are able to continuously cast more creatures into the frontline to ensure your large-scale strategy is properly achieved. Can you say strategy-focused?

  • RPG-styled, 3rd Person Perspective vicariously emerges you into chaotic battles like nothing else you’ve ever experienced! Casting ultimate, high-tier spells or abilities in other games is generally restricted to a limited area. But, in Sacrifice casting such high-level spells inflicts suffering endured by some, but witnessed by most, if not all arena wizards! Real-time never has been this literal.

  • Unlike other games, lag does not affect gameplay and is not an issue. Outcomes such as damage and spell effects remain the same thanks to excellent open-source coding by tg. (New Sacrifice Engine)

  • Body blocking allows you to aggressively restrain and, well…, erase enemy wizards in 3rd Person Perspective. (New Sacrifice Engine)

  • Randomized spell-books means you get to experience the essence of every God and come up with unprecedented strategies! (New Sacrifice Engine)

  • Now take a moment to imagine harvesting the souls of your fallen enemies by summoning a minion who injects a giant syringe into their corpse resurrecting it only to perform a tormenting, ritualistic blood sacrifice…  This ritual is carried out until their bodies are evaporated and the only thing that remains is their conquered souls in your victorious possession.

  • In order to defeat an enemy Wizard you must sacrifice one of your units at the enemy altar and successfully slaughter them while the ritual is being performed. Few things escape being sacrificed in this game from your own units being desecrated for a noble cause to manahoars running around becoming martyrs to provide mana for your highness.

  • Sacrifice has something for lore lovers as well. The campaign offers numerous action-packed, nostalgia-etching, carefully crafted missions. The developers went all out on the voice actors for the characters in the campaign. It features prominent voice actors such as Tony Jay, Tim Curry, Jennifer Hale, Paul Eiding, Kevin Michael Richardson, Brad Garrett, oh and did I mention Tim Curry?!

  • The graphics and the depth of strategy are timeless: nearly 20 years and counting. Sacrifice Reborn will multiply this. Starcraft 2 AlphaStar come get some. ‘Nuff said.