Sacrifice is a 3rd-person-perspective, Real-Time Strategy game about casting spells and summoning armies of creatures to fight for you!

This little known, yet beloved enigma from the year 2000 is still being played to this day by a small, dedicated community.

Don’t forget to check out the ongoing development of the new Sacrifice Engine here!

Tactical Gameplay

Control your army with precision and forethought. Every unit is like a tool in a wizard’s toolbox; serving a different purpose. Like chess, even a pawn can defeat a queen in a swift stroke if used correctly.

Insane Creatures

Every design within the world of Sacrifice is fresh and unique, even today. If you want to experience a game that really breathes the life of its artist, this is a place to come. Not only that, but each creature has it’s own purpose and many have their own unique active abilities to turn the tides of combat!

Intense Spell Combat

Cast powerful spells to destroy crowds of enemies or single towering foes. Freeze a wizard to disrupt them, knock them off of the map, steal the souls of their army, and that’s just a fraction of the action that awaits you!

Optimize your play and destroy your foes with chaotic magic and hoards of monsters.